Owning a truck is significantly tied to the cost of tyres. A report has been able to prove that when low rolling resistance tyres is combined with automatic tyre inflation system, it would decrease consumption of fuel and as a result Carbon monoxide emissions on trailer tyres by 3% and as high as 5% on truck tyres. With the stakes so high, it is not surprising that truck tyre innovation taken seriously by the owners of truck and trailer fleet.

Latest tyre innovations 

Here are the latest innovations in truck tyres:

  • RFID microchips have been integrated into truck tyres.
  • Focus on creating more environmentally friendly tyres.
  • Tyres with longer life span.
  • Tyre pressure can be monitored remotely.
  • There has been a European initiative to design a low rolling resistance tyre with integrated telematics.

RFID microchips in tyres

RFID also known as Radio Frequency Identity technology has been integrated into tyres by a number of truck and trailer makers. This microchip has being linked into the software, the microchip implanted in the tyre allows those operating it to scan and identify every tyre and then observe them throughout their life span as well as tracking them in case of theft and retreading.

Designing tyres that are more environmentally friendly

All tyre makers are looking for various ways and materials of making more environmentally friendly tyres. Car tyres, bus tyres and truck tyres now use new materials like renewable biomass and elastomers.

Tyres with Longer life span

According to research, the lifespan of an average truck tyre is 193,000 km although when buying purchasing quality truck tyres, the lifespan can be considerably longer when monitored effectively and maintaining the tyre appropriately. Retreating and regrooving can also considerably increase the lifespan of a truck tyre.

Tyre pressure monitor system

Tire Pressure Monitor System (TPMS) can be used to measure tyre pressure. The tyre pressure, position and temperature is measured by a rim fitted sensor. This sensor then sends live data back to the driver and the fleet manager. With this technology, they can make sure that the tyres are inflated for the right pressure in relation to the load it is carrying, maximizing fuel efficiency and taking fast corrective actions should any problem with the tyres be discovered. This system goes a long way in reducing the amount of road accidents caused by tyres that are not well inflated and punctures.

Future innovations

With the advent of electric trucks, tyre manufacturers will face new challenges due to the increase amount of torque generated by electric cars when compared to traditional cars and the effect it will have on the tyres. Tyres that are used with AI (artificial intelligence) and autonomous trucks are also the areas tyre makers are exploring.

Fleet managers can retread their tyres with the proper maintenance practices which would go a long way in helping to extend the life cycle of the tyre, decrease costs significantly and decrease the harmful impacts environmentally, visit this page for more information about your tyre needs. In addition, telematics through training and monitoring, truck drivers can work with a driving style that improves fuel consumption substantially.